Before starting your own business, we are sure that you have researched all your options to create a website where you can showcase your products and services.

 There are a lot of considerations in building a website such as a mobile-friendly design, pictures or videos with great quality and loads quickly, social media tools, applications that would help you get found in searches, and tools that will help you sell your products and services online quick and easy.

A lot to think about, right? Today, we will help you in building a professional business website. We’ll cover the essentials and must-haves of a good website for a small business such as yours.                                             

General Template and Design

The first thing on our list is the overall design of your website. Focus on making sure that the design and aesthetic work on all types of devices, especially smartphones. More people are doing their searches on their phones. Soon, Google will be rolling out a mobile-first index that will rank mobile-optimized sites better in searches than those that aren’t mobile-friendly.

 Multimedia Elements

 Remember the song that says, ‘If a picture paints a thousand words…?’ Well, you know how much a great photo is when browsing the internet. 

When pictures and videos [even gifs] are formatted well, tagged, and optimized – these can help rank your site over some related site with bad quality images.

 Tracking Your Performance and Get Found

Have you ever heard of SEO? There are a lot of things that websites need to be done about their SEO. Example: what keywords to use, how to maximize your metadata to help prospective clients find your business, and even using Google Analytics to track your site’s performance in general.

Tackling your SEO tasks one by one is okay as long as you regularly do so. This is to keep track of the reach of your social media posts, your campaigns, etc. 

Social Media Tools

Many small business owners start pretty motivated and end up swallowed by the system. Because honestly, maintaining a social media account is a full-time job. Creating content, replying to comments, and offers – and sales. 

Use social media to your advantage, and don’t let it overwhelm you. Research the tools that you’ll need, post constantly, and if you can’t manage it yourself and you have some money for it, hire someone to do the job for you.

E-com Tools

So, websites nowadays double as a store, aside from being a source of information. We have a lot of e-com platforms in the market that you can window shop. There are many e-com tools that you have to check out if you want to make sure that your online store will be able to deliver the best to its clientele. 


Whether designing a website for a small business or a big one, take time to research and experiment. Ask around before really settling for the best website builder. Making a professional business website might sound easy, but it sure takes time. Hire professional website builders and spend more time doing your business than creating a working website!

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